Tractor land Cultivator

Tractor land Cultivator
Tractor land Cultivator


  • It is a simple and rugged implement which is directly fitted to tractor.
  • It is basic implement for leveling of land.
  • Very useful for agriculture purpose.
  • Useful for flood irrigatio.
  • Useful for increasing productivity and saves cost of irrigation.
Tractor land Cultivator Specification
Description  HEL-131  HEL-132
 Frame(mm)  50 x 50 x 5  65 x 65 x 5
 Tractor req. (HP)  12-25  40-50
 Tyne(mm)  16  20/25
 Size (L x W x H) mm  1220 x 381 x 813  1830 x 508 x 1095
 Weight  81  180/230
 Width of cut(mm)  1220  1830
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